Fez, city where history and cultures are of inestimable treasure , open to discovery. Beyond words and as if by magic, the medina lives to the rhythm of 1200 years ago, as if the centuries had no hold on it. As if its high walls had the power to stop time …

Remaining true to its history, to its customs, rich of its art, of its men, Fez carries with grace its title of universal heritage of the humanity. Proud to have been for centuries, a high place of thought and science and to have inspired great men such as Averroes, Maimonides, Ibn Khaldoun or Leo the African. Pope Sylvester II or Sidi Ahmed Tijani came to perfect their erudition at the famous Quaraouyine, one of the first universities in the world.

The cultural richness of Fez comes from the contribution of its inhabitants of several cultural and religious backgrounds; Jews, Andalusians, Arabs or Berbers. It is the whole of this population of FES that claims to live together through the Festival of Sacred Music of the World, a unique festival in a unique city of the HOLY.


Aziz Lebbar