Taza is an ancient city located between the Rif and the Atlas, whose importance goes back to the Almohad period (12th century), during which several defense works and fortifications (ramparts and bastions) were established. Classified as an architectural and urbanistic heritage at the national level, the  medina of Taza and its fortifications contain a number of historical must – see monuments , in particular the great mosque which houses an important  luster brought from Andalusia following the Battle of Alarcos . The main street of the old town is animated by the Grain Market and the various souks of Berber handicrafts.

The chasm of Friouato

Friouato is a unique natural cave, a feature of the Tazekka National Park, in Taza, Morocco. Friouato’s pit sinks to a depth of 180 m. A staircase descends to a veritable underground palace. Halls and galleries seem to haunt strange figures. These are the stalactites, the stalagmites and the concretions of which the walls are bristling: A mineral enchantement.

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