The Province of Moulay Yacoub

The nomination comes from Abu Yacoub Al Achkar Bahlouli, a very famous for his piety and goodness. It is its mausoleum which is at the center of the thermal stataion of Moulay Yacoub. The Province of Moulay Yacoub – Zouagha extends over a territory of 1700 Km²,  bounded to the north by the province of Taounate, to the east and southeast by the prefecture of Fez, to the south by the provinces of Sefrou And Elhajeb and to the west by the prefecture of Meknes and the province of Sidi Kacem.


The province is known for its thermal springs, internationally renowned and whose resort is frequented all year round. Its proximity to the city of Fes (20km to the North West), is an asset. It is also renowned for the benefits of the waters of its sulphurous source that spring from 1500 meters deep at a temperature of 52 ° C. It is a hyperthermal water, true sulfured sea water. Visitors are attracted by these warm and beneficial waters that relieve rheumatism, nose and throat disorders, skin diseases and some gynecological problems.

This resort is also appreciated for its carved stone dwellings, whose visitors seem to appreciate the warm welcome of the inhabitants, and owners of the places that often offer lodging and meals. The station lives at the pace of visitor attendance, and is an integral part of the landscape that contributes to rural tourism.

 Ain Allah

The source of Ain Allah is located 14 kilometers from the city of Fez and its water has no curative or therapeutic indication. Its source is very hot, with a temperature of 30 ° C. The water of the source of Ain Allah is extracted by an artesian drilling at 1650 meters depth. It is intended either for irrigation or for feeding swimming pools open to popular bathing.

Local products

Dans la zone agricole de Moulay Yacoub- Zouagha, on trouve plusieurs produits du terroir dont les plus importants sont le câpre, la figue châari, l’olive l’mta et la menthe du Sebou. On peut également y trouver des rosacées, des céréales, légumineuse, des plantes médicinales et du miel.

In the agricultural zone of Moulay Yacoub-Zouagha, there are several local products, the most important of which are caper, fig châari,  the olive l’mta,  and mint of Sebou. You can also find roses, cereals, vegetables, medicinal plants and honey.

Natural features

The relief : The province is situated at an altitude of about 560m above sea level, and is characterized by a rugged area composed of plateaus and hills, with an altitude varying between 350m and 500m, and  agricultural plains extremely rich, As well as mountains whose climax reaches about 910 m (Zalagh and Tghat).

The climate : The climate of the province of Zouagha Moulay Yacoub is a continental climate characterized by a minimum temperature of 10 ° and maximum of more than 30 °.



Jacuzzi, baignoires, piscine VIP…

The new traditional spa complex is ready. This project will enable  Moulay Yacoub station to preserve its clientele (one million visitors per year), while offering the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of care spots . the complex now boasts 43 individual treatment rooms, including 32 classic baths (instead of 26 baths) and 10 baths with a high standard jacuzzi, 2 large swimming pools (15 m in diameter) with panoramic views On the temple of Lalla Chafia, and a 3rd reserve pool (VIP). This will be used by customers of modern baths.

Finally, as for the thermal baths, their reopening is planned in June 2017 under the name Vichy, together with the hotel Vichy & Spa.

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