Moroccan cuisine world famous, is part of the heritage Cherifian the cultural realm. Its ranking among the top ten kitchens world stirs the interest of foreigners in search of refinement and delicacy culinary. The richness and variety of Moroccan cuisine lies in the great migration both ephemeral (Romans, Phoenicians, Europeans) peremptory that (Arabs, Andalusians, Jews, Africans etc.) that have marked the history of Morocco.

cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, Fez is distinguished by its large culinary diversity. Fassi kitchen is composed of a mosaic of dishes substantially different from each other. Some specialties have fassies long been jealously preserved by the women of the city, such as Khliee (Dried meat), making the uniqueness of the culinary art of Fez.

All the restaurants and hotel establishments riads offer sophisticated dishes like the legendary pigeon pastilla, tagine with prunes, the Tfaya couscous or even shoulder roast lamb with almonds. For starters, the salads guide you to a true festival of flavors. Besides Moroccan cuisine, a French fine international cuisine, Italian and even Asian is offered in Fez. For small grants, Restaurant-snacks located in the new city, offer delicious pizzas, salads and a wide selection of sandwiches and tagines, while Restaurant located in the heart of the medina offer at reasonable prices, grilled meats, couscous, salads, grilled fish, apple fritters of earth, boiled mutton Tates, omelets, etc.