About 100 km from Fes, Boulemane looks as a peaceful little town surrounded by three great mountains, namely Tichoukt, Bcher and Sefrou Izem. The relief of the region consists mainly of the hills at the foot of the Rif in the northern zone, the mountains of the Middle Atlas, the high hills of the Missour and the plains of Saiss. The region, snowy in winter and gentle in summer, has circuits, certainly not very frequented, but still remain of a brilliant beauty, with a breathtaking panorama.

Trips up to  this mountainous region can be done in 4X4 or mini bus for groups. You can discover many streams and springs of all kinds, the oak trees the junipers and an immense cedar tree, whose fauna and flora are of an exceptional beauty. The province of Boulemane is made up of 4 urban districts, 17 rural communes and 3 circonsriptions. The most frequented town  is, certainly,  Immouzer Marmoucha.

The area is known for the beauty if its landscapes, large forests, mountains of medium and high altitude. The complexity of the relief makes that Immouzer Marmoucha has become a major zone for the hikers and the lovers of the mountain. The inhabitants are mostly Amazigh belonging to the great tribe of the Marmouchas, the sub-tribes being Ait Bazza, Ait Messaâd, Ait Al Mane, Ait Youb, Ait Lahcen, Ait Benaissa and Ait Smah, Ait Makhlouf, Ait Mioune, Ait El Azz, Ait Hssain, Issiboutan, Imjrane ……. Amazighiphone tribes.  Bou Iblane summit, one of the highest in the area, stands as a rampart and offers a magnificent setting with its eternal snow.

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