As far as the Madinati program (SMIT project) is concerned, the CRT ( tourism regional council ) provides all the needed support.

“Madinati” is a new tourist concept that will allow the Medina of Fez to bewitch the visitors of all sides, and to position itself as a prized destination.

The spiritual capital of the Kingdom will be the starting point for the launch of the ambitious “Madinati” tourism program, which is likely to contribute to the rehabilitation of the national cultural heritage, through the structuring of the tangible and intangible heritage, the creation of coherent and Attracting and rehabilitating historic monuments while preserving their architectural identity, said the minister during a meeting with elected officials and tourist operators of the Fes-Meknes region.

This program concerns the development of specific projects according to a methodology, based on partnership between all the stakeholders at the regional level in order to realize the local development and the participation of the local population.
According to the Minister, within the framework of the sectoral strategies for tourism, handicrafts, housing and culture, several actions have been designed with a view to enhance the cultural and tourist assets of Fez,  restoration of thematic circuits, the rehabilitation of monuments and the improvement of the urban environment.

These actions, which have promoted the development of tourism in Fez, will be complemented by specific actions for the development of an integrated cultural product, focusing in particular on the preservation, promotion of the Medina of Fez through a policy of entertainement .

The Wali of the Fes-Meknes region, for its part, highlighted this initiative as well as the efforts deployed by the various actors in order to safeguard the Medina of Fez, classified universal heritage of Humanity, recalling in this context The numerous projects carried out for the benefit of the population of the medina of Fez and its visitors.

He said that the Medina of Fez, which hosts between 40,000 and 45,000 tourists annually, has 95 km of alleys and 17 historic gates. “Classified universal heritage, the medina counts some 30,000 artisans and 11,000 workshops for the activities of the crafts,” he added.

Other speakers, including the presidents of the Fes-Meknes region and the prefecture of Fez, the mayor of the city, the president of the regional council of tourism (CRT), as well as the economic operators of the region, were unanimous to highlight the benefits of this strategy, that  they believe will accompany the socio-economic development of the spiritual capital of the Kingdom.

By the way, they  all stressed the fact that investments in tourism will also play a key role in driving Fez out of its lethargy, saying that the CRT will spare no effort, in partnership with various bodies, to promote the establishment and Creation within the Medina, and more precisely on the historical site BabBoujloud,  activities of animation and  to attract more visitors.

For the Moroccan Society of Tourist Engineering (SMIT), the national program “Madinati” aims to reinforce the attractiveness of the tourist potential of the medina in general in terms of improving reception (kiosks, Information …), interpretation of the heritage (signage circuits, NTIC, scenography …), enhancement of architectural heritage (nocturnal scenic illumination, models …) and cultural animation equipment (festivals, exhibitions …).

The integrated program for the tourist development of the cultural and artisanal product in the Medinas aims at developing 31 Medinas between 2016 and 2025.

The commitments of the various stakeholders were materialized by the signature in December 2015 of the framework partnership agreement between the Ministries of The Interior, the Housing and the Politics of the City, Crafts and Social Solidarity Economy, Culture, Tourism and SMIT.