Ziyarates Fès

Ziyarates Fès


This project will make it possible for visitors to be aware of social practices, rites and traditions that would otherwise be difficult to access. It also allows the support of a disadvantaged population that, by hosting tourists, improves its economic condition while making “authentic” local life , in a spirit of intercultural exchange, known to “its guests”.

Ziyarates Fez was the subject of a framework agreement between the Wilaya of the Fès-Boulemane region, via the INDH, the Fez Medina District, the Fez Regional Tourism Council, the Social Development Agency and Union of Associations of  Friends of Fez.

 solidarity tourism and homestay

Ziyarates Fes, is a highly social solidarity concept for the benefit of disadvantaged families, who wish to save their homes.
It is in this sense, namely to ensure human development, that the partners’ efforts have been combined: the Fez-Boulemane Wilaya (Fes Medina district), the ADS (Social Development Agency), the CRT Regional Tourism Organization), the INDH (National Initiative for Human Development) and the Union of Humanitarian Associations and Friends of the Medina of Fez.

The spirit of ‘‘Ziyarates Fes’’

To impregnate the participants, from Fez,  and to decide together its becoming … by reviving what made it formerly a city of exception.
By deciding to travel in this way, the cultural experience they will witness will be incomparably rich. Thus the Medina will remain alive, within its walls and in its soul …
Ziyarates Fès invites you to share the daily life of some thirty fassie families, in their charming houses carved with wood or plaster, in a family warm atmosphere …
Learn how to make bread, bake it in the neighborhood, make the market and venture into trading bargains ! To know the best addresses of the medina, behind the closed doors … And soon, stroll indolently in the streets that will become familiar to the visitors..

An innovative  touristic program

The objective is to focus on the cultural, spiritual and solidarity dimensions to encourage tourists to extend their stay.
It is also about working for the intercultural dialogue East / West, and making Islam known in its spiritual and cultural dimensions.
Homestay, is a tourist accommodation that welcomes visitors in a family of the Medina of Fez. These families offer one or more rooms of their house, with adapted comfort which allows the guests to discover the local life and the inhabitants, in a spirit of intercultural exchange.

The Trend ‘‘Ziyarates Fes’’

Ziyarates Fes quality label, marked with a sign, is granted to the families who are members of the network, making it possible, to differentiate the accommodation from the spontaneous reception of the one selected for this project.
Training in “tourism professions”, mastery of the security aspect, pursuing  tourist activities but also, deepening knowledge in the history of the city, its spirituality … was given to all families integrating the network.


The Wilaya of the Fès-Boulemane Region, supports the Ziyarates Fès approach, which is being carried out under its aegis. The Urban District of Fes Medina ensured the restoration and upgrading of the 30 houses selected.
The Regional Council of Tourism, has established procedures for quality control and is responsible for promotion.
The Social Development Agency has set up comprehensive training for hosting families.
The Union of Humanitarian Associations and Associations of Fez Medina is responsible for the Management and the accomodation .

Accomodation :

Union des Associations et Amicales Humanitaires

35, Sidi KjihTalâaSghira

Fès Médina

Tél. : +212 (0)5 35 63 46 67

Website: http://www.ziyaratesfes.com