Guided tours

Formula: full day / Lunch: half a day

Visit the medina of Fez in the company of a tour guide. Walk the streets of the Medina of Fez, authentic and traditional living rhythm of the past and discover its Koranic schools (Madrasa Attarine), its water fountains (Place Nejjarine), palaces of Andalusian style, Mausoleum (Moulay Idriss II ), university Al Karaouiyine, etc. Visit the famous district of the Tanners, multiple themed souks and the many craft workshops, observing the work of secular fassis artisans. The one-day tour includes a Lunch in a Moroccan restaurant in the heart of the Medina.

You can use the services of a tour guide at the reception of your Hotel / Riad or contact the regional association of tourist guides of Fez. Tel: 05 35 62 49 61.