The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and forum created in 1994 and 2001, is part of the scholarly tradition, artistic and spiritual city of Fez.

Since its first edition, the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music has continued to magnify the spirit of tolerance and openness by making him whenever homage through music and poetry, great emotion vectors sharing and knowledge.
Since their creation, these events have experienced a growing success. The Fes Festival was designated in 2001 by the UN as one of the key events that have contributed in a remarkable way, the dialogue of civilizations.

Parallel to the Festival, it has developed an international network of support and media coverage. Thus was born in the United States the organization Spirit of Fez Inc., which organizes every 2 years, a program of the Festival and the Forum of Fez through 20 US cities.

A tour was organized during the months of October and November 2006 in several cities of the United States including a concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

The dissemination, through these events, the “Spirit of Fez”, now radiates from Fez in different places of the world.

Several other cities such as Milan, London or Madrid wished to become relays to extend the message of the Festival and Forum Fes: the dialogue of spiritualities through music, creating a culture of peace promoted by globalization pluralistic, respectful of ethical and spiritual values.

On the program: lectures, exhibitions and concerts Gregorian chants, Samaa Sufi brotherhoods and liturgical poems puyoutims synagogues and other music that touch the sacred. These world music give life for a few days to Andalusian gardens of the palace Batha Fes el Bali and Bab Makina Fez Jdid.

The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music takes place annually in May / June.


Sidi Al Khayat, BP 679, 30200, Fès
+212 5 35 74 05 35
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