The Belghazi family is a large family of notable Fassi, residing in the Belghazi palace from the beginning of the eighteenth century. The great grandfather Mohammed Ben Ghazi Eloutmani was professor of mathematics; his son Mohammed bin Haj Mekki Belghazi taught astronomy, his grand-son Haj El Madani Belmekki Belghazi has meanwhile specialized in the textile field. Fervent admirers of art, each collected important works. The last son Mr Mohammed Abdelilah Belghazi, born in 1956, became an expert of the Moroccan ethnographic heritage. Former CEO of the Oudayas Arts Society in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Germany, as an interior architect and interior designer, is the founder and curator of the Museums BELGHAZI Morocco.

Dar Belghazi is the first private museum of Morocco, recognized by the state. It features gold jewelery collections, old clothes, ceramics eighteenth century, Andalusian and Berber musical instruments, weapons and inlaid embroidery and carpet.

The museum is open daily from 9.30am to 12am and from 14:30 to 17:30.

Admission is charged.


Rue Gherniz Derb El Ghorba Sidi Moussa 30000 Medina (Fès)
+212 5 35 63 84 40
+212 5 35 63 84 40