Hispano -Moorish style, the Palais Tariana is one of the most famous gastronomic addresses in the medina of Fez. True to the tradition Fez, this restaurant is a table dedicated to the discovery of the Moroccan identity in a thousand and one ways.

The menu Tariana Palace promises a very rich and varied declination, fully inspired by the Moroccan cuisine. Here everything is done in compliance with the rules of the Moroccan culinary art, and more specifically Fassi.

Whether for lunch or dinner, treat yourself to the discovery of Moroccan cuisine with a purely Fassi preparation. The menu various tagines, couscous, briouates and many other dishes. All combined with an excellent quality / price ratio.

25, rue Tariana Lkbira, Talaa Lkbira, Fès
+ 212 5 35 63 66 04
+ 212 5 35 63 30 12