The Blue House is a mansion built in 1356 AH (1915). It is the family of the late Si Mohammed El Abbadi remains, a prominent astrologer, lawyer and professor at the University Qaraouiyine.

Today Abbadis originating in Andalusia and belonging to the intellectual arm of Morocco are still there.

A rare library belonging to the late Si Mohammed, scientist and famous man of law, will only remember the greatness and know that flourished in this house.

A haven of peace, this house is located in the heart of the Medina of Fes, jewel of the Arab world.

The Blue House is above all your home, your place of relaxation. Its architecture is Fassi (Fez), and we find an Arab-Andalusian style. Its walls are covered with blue zelliges. Its cedar wooden doors, finely carved are of monumental dimensions. It is also one of the highest houses of the old Medina of Fez. By the fact of its height, a panoramic terrace can overlook the ancient Medina. Its fountain, which still works, is one of the most sumptuous of the city.

The Blue House is located (2 place Istiqlal, Batha, Fez) in the heart of the Medina but is nevertheless of direct access. A long corridor opens onto a patio around which are three Moroccan salons. Upstairs, five were appointed suites and one room, each with a bathroom, air conditioning, telephone, television, internet access, mini bar and safe. The Gnawa are members of a southern native tribe will welcome you singing traditional songs of welcome. At the top of the house, a panoramic terrace overlooking the old Medina, offers stunning views of Fez Medina Morocco.

At the Maison Bleue you are, first and foremost, guests of Fassie family in their home. As soon as you walk through the front door you will be transported several centuries back.

Down the hall, a door magically opens to reveal a sumptuous and richly decorated patio finely – carved wood and plaster, period zelliges, marble, stained glass’. A lutenist will push your trip a little more to Andalusia. The you will be offered an aperitif and, if desired, a tour of the house. The library contains many spiritual, scientific and philosophical Mohammed El Abbadi If fire. Gourmets will have the opportunity to taste typical dishes prepared in traditional style.

2 Place de l’Istiqlal Batha, 30 200 Fès, Maroc
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