The Mnebhi Palace Is one of the most beautiful and ancient monuments in the imperial and historic city of Fez. In the late XIXth century, the finest Moroccan craftsmen and rtistis of the age spent fifteen years erecting this magnificent edifice. The palace, the product of such devotion and expertise, was destined to play a major role in the history of Marzocco. It housed the defence minister under Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz and was at one time the home of Marshal Lyautey. The country’s very first French lessons were given in this palace and i twas also here that France and Morocco digned the protectorate treaty in 1912.

In the medina or old town, the finely forged iron railings semarate the palace from the bustling street life. After passing through the heavy copper gates, and climbing the tree white marble steps, the visitor enters a vaste patio, bathed in light and its walls decorated with leadore. Against one of the walls, water gushes from the nine copper taps of a splendid fountain, while a chite marble bowl stands at the centre of the ptio, exposed to the fez sky. To the patio, a room with a richly sculpted ceiling is the work of traditional Fez carftsmen while to the left another equally splendid room was decorated by the craftsmen of Meknes. This palace has been coverted into a high class international restaurant giving tourists the opportynity to discover a typical Moroccan interieur. It has been awarded MOROCCO’s 1st PRIZE for GASTRONOMY by the ACTIONCOMMITEE FOR GASTRONOMY AND TOURISM, together with a number of other Moroccan prizes.

It can seat to 350 guests.

The terrace offers a superb, authentic Moroccan tea salon. You can enjoy your tea while admiring the splendid view over the Fez medina, the old town. The terrace leads to larg morrocan dining room which is also ideal for congresses, meetings, etc. In the typical Moroccan restaurant you can savour the delights of Morrocan gastronomy,and in paricular the refined cuisine of Fez. The Mnebhi Palace wecomes groups andindividuals, together with most official delegations who come to Fez (heads of state,ambassadors, etc.). For your gala dinners, the Mnebhi Palace proposes a colourful show which combines all the charms of the East for a magical and unfor gettable experience. A succession of folk troupes will entertain you throughout the evening :

  • 55 Fanfare welcome
  • The Issaoua folk troupe
  • Tray dancer
  • Enactment of a Morrocan marriage ceremony in the Fez tradition
  • Andalou orchestra
  • Belly dancer
  • Acrobats
  • The Fes chikhates

15, Souikt Bensafi, Talaâ Sghira, Fès Médina
+ 212 5 35 63 38 93 / + 212 5 35 63 37 36
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