Welcome to the land of enchantment and sensual delight, at the crossroad of  two worlds …

Beyond words, the Medina of Fez gets you back in time one Thousand years. Just like centuries had no authority over it or like its high walls had the power to stop time…

Attached to its authentic History and genuine Customs, rich with its Arts and Men, Fes carries with grace its title of Universal Heritage of Humanity.

Indeed, it was considered for centuries as the Mecca of Thought and Science and a land of inspiration for Great Men as Averoes, Maïmonide, Ibn Khaldoun or Leo Africanus.

Majestically perched on the south hill with breathtaking views of the 12 centuries old Medina, Palais Faraj Suites & Spa invites you to experience the uniqueness of Fez in refinement and comfort.

Air Water technology Air conditioning
Bathroom floors heated in winter
Free WI-FI throughout the palace
Easy access by car and free private car parking.
Overlooking the medina, Palais Faraj is primarily a place for cultural exchange inspired by the rich heritage of the city of Fez

Carefully chosen and well trained Professional Guides  to provide substantial comment for your visits.
Classes of : Fassi Cuisine, Natural Cosmetics of Moroccan women
Workshops of brocade weaving, pottery, zellige ….
Harmonious combination of elegance and authenticity, the Palais Faraj  is also an architectural gem of rare beauty, designed by the famous  architect and interior designer Jean-Baptiste Barian, specialist in Arab Andalusia  architecture.

Arches, columns and moucharabiehs, carved wood, plaster and brass, stucco laces, marble floors and sacred geometry wall zelliges.

Silent expressions on noble materials of an art where the detail is sublimated in a continual quest of harmony and inspiration.

Each one of the 25 suites at Palais Faraj was designed in compliance with this distinguished art of secret alchemy and then outfitted with the latest luxury facilities,

For an ultimate experience:  A Deep Morocco on Diamond Petals

Culinary Arts: as you will discover the Fassi gastronomy is one of the most refined cuisines in the world, a passion at Palais Faraj

Adventure: with departures from Palais Faraj: discover nearby towns and villages or cross the Atlas for an overnight camping in the sand dunes of Merzouga.


Bab Ziat, Quartier Ziat , Fès Médina 30000 Fès
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